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About Us

Some time during december 2010, one of our current members felt pretty bored. He created a thread on 4chan's /g/ where he proposed to teach programming (in Python) to those with no programming experience. Around 20 people, some complete beginners, some already accomplished programmers, joined up - #/g/sicp @ Rizon was the result. Since then, the has project grown. We also have another IRC channel that's used exclusively for discussing gentoomen matters.


Since everything we do is project based, you can participate in any area or subject you are interested in and think you have something to contribute to.

We are open to all ideas, so feel free to suggest an idea and the channel may offer to assist you with it. Want to learn a language? You could suggest a project using it.

Currently We:

Collaborate on projects as a learning experience.
Bhottu, our IRC bot, was the result of one of these projects. Lots of people learned intermediate Python as a result.
Have a friendly community for aspiring and expert programmers to exchange insights.


You can find our tutorials here, but the interest for these was lost rather quickly, as there are many much better books and tutorials out there.

You can always polish up an existing tutorial or write a new one if you'd like, but it's not encouraged to do so. It's a fun thing to do if you are bored and have nothing to do, though.

These are the ones we have so far. If you want to submit an addition or a correction, ask in the IRC channel.

Here is a Guide for tutorial writers.


We use git as our main tool for collaboration. Git is a distributed revision control system, which allows multiple persons to participate on a software project. It tracks changes in software made by users and allows a lot of control in versions. Even updates and edits to this website is handled trough git.

We have a organization called gentoomen in github, which acts as an umbrella for different projects. Join our IRC channel to ask for access.

If you would like to help the community by writing a short tutorial on how to use git join our IRC channel.


What are you waiting for? Pop in and say hello!