#/g/sicp Gentoomen Programming, Computer Science, Wizardry, and General Technology Book Library

To celebrate #/g/sicp's 1.7th birthday (if you count in base 12) we spent the weekend amalgamating all of our collective book libraries, sorting, removing duplicates and trying to get what we believe to be the best collection of tech books we could find for release as a torrent. A magnet link is also available for those who prefer that sort of thing. Alternatively, browse the library and download individual files.

It's 3616 files and 35GB covering everything from Algorithms to XML. I couldn't think of anything for 'y' or 'z' but I'm sure it'll be in there.

Please enjoy. Seed if you're feeling nice. And I want you to have a nice day today, okay?

-- #/g/sicp

A wizard conjuring the spirits of the computer with his spells.

P.S. please enjoy this image depicting what you will be like if you download this torrent. It is a wizard conjuring the spirits of the computer with his spells.

Updated 2012-07-25 15:40 UTC: added more reliable trackers to the torrent.

Updated 2017-02-01 12:45 UTC: replaced trackers in the torrent file and magnet link with new ones.

Note: Apparently our torrent hits bugs in practically all Windows torrent clients tested so far. The issue can be worked around by disabling downloading of the following files:

You may have to delete the partially-downloaded files and restart your torrent client (or the torrent) for the changes to take effect.